PGD Consulting provides design, documentation and contract administration services associated with:


  Electrical Services

• Power distribution
• Electrical consumption management
• Evacuation warning systems
• Power conditioners
• Public address installations
• Television signal distribution 
   Lighting Services

•General lighting
• Feature lighting for highlight/contrast of client orientated areas
• Programmable lighting control
• Emergency lighting and exit signs
• Lighting control integration with energy management systems 

  Communication Services

• Telephone and data cabling solutions
• Patching philosophies
• Fibre optic distribution systems
• Integration of voice and data cabling systems
• Hardware housings
• Compliance with relevant codes & installation practices
• LAN Cable distribution systems 

  Security Services

• Electronic access control
• Integration of existing systems with client requirements
• Intruder detection
• Off site monitoring & alarms

  Mechanical Services

• District Cooling Systems
• Air and Water Cooled Chilled Water Systems
• BMS/BAS and DDC Control Systems
• Computer and Data Centre Solutions
• DX-Type Water and Air Cooled System
(Single or Multiple Indoor Units)
• VAV and Chilled Beams
• Industrial and Commercial Humidification
• Commercial and Industrial Evaporative Cooling 

  Hydraulic Services

• Water supplies
• Waste discharge
• Venting
• Water heating and cooling
• Filtration 

  Fire Services

• Electronic Smoke and Thermal Detection
• VESDA Systems
• Fire Suppression Systems
• Fire Sprinkler Systems 

  Computer Suite

• Comprehensive Computer Suite Audits
• Australian Standard Compliance
• TIA 942 Tier Rating certification
• Layout and space allowance for hardware and equipment
• Uninterruptable power supplies
• Anti-static solutions
• Dedicated electrical distribution systems
• Standby power systems 

  Building Assessment

• Building services condition assessment
• Advise relative to available building services
(for long or short term purpose)
• Trouble Shooting and Investigation
• Review of Existing Systems
• Upgrade for Current and Future Refurbishment