Commercial Redevelopment: BP Kwinana Refinery

Posted 19-Oct-2017 by Elina D'Cruz

Safety first

After the catastrophe in Texas, the BP Kwinana Refinery was one of many aged sites identified for redevelopment as part of proactive measures to avoid similar disasters.

Being Part of Something Bigger

BP on the recommendation of Paul Meschiati & Associates (PMA) engaged PGD as the services engineer. PGD viewed this opportunity as a positive contribution to safety in the workplace.

If we can stop one injury or save one life we have made a difference.

A Partnership of Trust and Dedication

Commencing in 2006 and spanning 10 years PGD in partnership with PMA were key in the delivery of the following facilities at the BP Kwinana Refinery:-

  • Administration Building
  • Café Building
  • Change House Building
  • Medical Centre
  • Security Office
  • Fire Station
  • Central Control Building
  • Laboratory Building
  • Central Server & Communications Room
  • Field Off-site Centre

PGD’s dedication to studying BP’s Global Standards, building an intimate knowledge of existing systems and processes, and understanding the needs of various stakeholder groups created a foundation of trust and respect for the PGD team.

Early in the engagement, the smaller project of upgrading the Radio Room facility required the creation of a room with robust facilities. PGD understood the criticality of the room to both the safety and operation of the refinery. Armed with this knowledge PGD presented a strong case for implementation of a redundant UPS system to support the Radio facilities then power by a historical battery system. BP conscious of the cost initially were unconvinced, but within a week the failure of this battery system rendered the radio system inoperative and evacuated the refinery with operational losses in the hundreds of thousands. BP responded, implementing PGD’s proposal. This set the level of trust which continued to build over the next ten years.

PGD’s expertise in critical facilities, management of time-critical shutdowns and dedication to improving safety, ensured BP stakeholders were at ease and stress-free with the knowledge that PGD was their partner in the redevelopment of a safer BP Kwinana Refinery.

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